MicroPulse Ultra

  • Superior warning with high-powered LEDs
  • Low-profile design offers wider range of mounting locations
  • (18) MPS3U, (23) MPS6U or (25) MPS12U flash patterns
  • Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications
  • Includes black bezel and gasket, optional bezels available in Chrome or White
  • Single/multi-unit synchronization
  • Three-year LED warranty

Highly Effective Ultra Slim Warning Light
The MicroPulse® Ultra models have a low-profile design that offers a wider range of mounting options to fit various applications. The advanced high-output LED light head can be programmed to operate as a single unit or in synchronization with multiple MicroPulse light heads. Built-in flash patterns enable multiple vehicle perimeter lights to be either synchronized in the same pattern or in opposite sequence.

Built to Stand Up to the Most Punishing Conditions 
The MicroPulse Ultra lens is made of UV resistant polycarbonate to protect against harsh conditions. Models include a fully encapsulated water-proof housing, which provides a barrier against moisture and condensation. All MicroPulse Ultra perimeter lights are backed by Federal Signal’s comprehensive three-year warranty.

A Versatile Solution for Supplemental Warning Light Application
Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications, the MicroPulse Ultra comes in many colors, including Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White, as well as split-color combinations. Models come standard with a black bezel and are also available with an optional chrome or white bezel.

Approvals MPS300 U – SAE, J845, Class 1 (A, B, R, W) - SAE J595, Class 1 (A, R, B)
MPS600U - SAE J845, Class 1 (A, R, B) - SAE J595, Class 1 (A, R), Class 2 (B)
MPS1200U - SAE J845, Class 1 (A, R) - SAE J595, Class 1 (A, R)
Voltage 12-24 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -40˚F (-40ºC) to 176˚F (80ºC)
Current Draw MPS300U - 0.2 Amps at 12 VDC / 0.11 Amps at 24 VDC
MPS600U - 0.79 Amps at 12 VDC / 0.45 Amps at 24 VDC
MPS1200U - 1.51 Amps at 12 VDC / 0.86 Amps at 24 VDC
Dim. (H x L x D) MPS300U - 1.08 in (2.7 cm) x 3.38 in (8.6 cm) x 0.43 in (1.09 cm)
MPS 600U - 1.26 in (3.2 cm) x 5.2 in (13.26 cm) x 0.37 in (0.94 cm)
MPS1200U - 1.91 in (4.83 cm) x 5.25 in (13.34 cm) x 0.45 in (1.14 cm)
Shipping Weight MPS300U - 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg)
MPS600U - 0.75 lbs (0.34 kg)
MPS1200U - 1.0 lbs (0.45 kg)